Let’s Get Outside!

Jun 11, 2020

The first day of Summer officially starts June 20, so let’s all get outside! Living in the South in the Summer calls for long, active days outside whether it’s playing on a ball team, swimming in the neighborhood pool, or working in the yard. We all want a place where we can enjoy and relax in a bug-free environment…a place where we can entertain family and friends, grill out a great meal, and laugh away a rainy evening playing board games protected from the weather. We strive to design and build areas just like these for our customers.

These clients wanted to make FULL use of their outdoor space. They wanted to take a tired, worn-out deck and make it into an incredible vaulted screened porch. We were able to create a space that had a dining and sitting area as well as a dedicated grilling deck with its own door. Every material is maintenance-free and built to last forever. Enjoy all the project details outlined in this photo gallery. Let us help you GET OUTSIDE!

AFTER–We used composite decking materials and powder-coated aluminum railings. A quick spray off once a year is all the maintenance needed!
AFTER–The vaulted wall of screens keep the bugs out but lets that natural view in!
BEFORE–The maintenance for this large number of steps, landings, and rails used to consume weeks of labor.
BEFORE–The decking and railings were tired and worn out wood, which required those dreaded bi-yearly cleaning and staining projects.
AFTER–Now, the grill has its own special deck with an all-vinyl storm door, which saves space on the screened porch for the clients and their guests.
AFTER–What a bug-free, maintenance-free view this is!
BEFORE–Guests had to swipe the mosquitos and bees away while they were eating. And the grill took up valuable space that could have been used for people.
AFTER–With the composite deck material and aluminum rail system, an afternoon of spraying with a hose is all it takes once a season to maintain this brand new look from year to year.