Bring In the Sun ☀️

Mar 22, 2021

We have posted before about our long-running Residential construction business and separately about our successful Commercial Construction division. Well, in this latest sunroom project, we were able to COMBINE both sides of our design brains to wow our clients! They trusted us to design and build them a sunroom that pushed all their modern design taste buttons and to give them a sunroom that could truly withstand a hurricane if need be…they were blown away!

Our clients were tired of their traditional, worn-out wood deck that is found on most suburban homes. So, we tore off that deck and replaced it with a sunroom that uses commercial grade “storefront” glass that is hurricane rated. We also designed the space with a more contemporary flat roof which fits our clients’ modern architectural esthetics. We opened the sunroom to the rest of the house, with 2 entrances on either side of the fireplace, creating a seamless flow between the spaces. The one-sided fireplace became a two-sided fireplace which enhances the sunroom’s coziness, as does the beautifully finished light oak floors. The room is heated and cooled via a mini-split HVAC unit above the door.

The outdoor areas were finished in composite decking products and vinyl rails, making the whole structure maintenance-free. When you have an unusual idea for your home, we can help show you products and processes to not only meet your remodeling needs but exceed them! Please take time to study the photos below: