Sun Salutations!

Jun 25, 2021

Often, we have clients approach us with requests/dreams that may seem insignificant to others but are tantamount to them. In this particular case, our clients had owned their mini-farm for years, and every time they went to a well-used upstairs room, they just knew that if only windows were looking eastward over their pastures, that room would be a zen, light-filled space. They asked us to open up that roofline and add windows so that they could enjoy that sweeping sunrise view over their land.

This past October, these clients trusted us to cut a hole in their roof and add a dormer to that upstairs room where they now have an unobstructed eastward view of their property. When cutting a hole in an existing roof, experience trumps. There is a lot of trust between a homeowner and contractor when you approach a project like this. It takes knowledge and precision and just the right team! We also updated a small kitchenette in this space as part of this project’s scope. Follow along with our progression pics!