All Steamed Up!

Aug 17, 2021

Being in the business of making dreams come true is not a bad gig! Clients come to us with their hearts in their hands and drawings scribbled on a scrap of paper and say, “We always wanted this; can you do this”? With all of our years of varied construction experience, we have never said “no”. That is something we have NEVER taken for granted. We are very grateful for people that have trusted us with their dreams!

These clients came to us and wanted to add to their outdoor pool experience by bringing that luxury indoors to their unfinished basement. They wanted to open up their basement space to their outdoor pool. So we selected water-friendly floors and built them a custom steam shower, Who doesn’t love going from the outdoors on a Fall evening straight into hot steam?! We also designed a kitchenette with extra storage cabinets that will take this family from ordinary entertaining to an extraordinary experience for family and friends alike! When you want to hand your dreams to a general contractor be sure they can carry them with confidence!

BEFORE — We hide all the ductwork, so you have a streamlined look.
AFTER — This CUSTOM-DESIGNED Steam shower will be soothing and warm after climbing out of the pool on a cool day or evening.
No need to wonder where you are going to stash all your stuff in this small, but mighty kitchenette!
BEFORE — We also hide any plumbing in the walls in addition to hiding the ductwork.
Quartz countertops, custom cabinetry, and bright white lighting make this bathroom the perfect guest space!
A simple counterline with a sink and dishwasher is all you need to entertain!
BEFORE — The steam shower is taking shape.
AFTER — You don’t need a lot of space to define function.
Just add a large sectional sofa and you’ll be the most popular house on the block during sports season. LVP, luxury vinyl plank, is the most indestructible, water-proof flooring on the market.
These clients were able to add a mini gym to the basement. That LVP looks just like hardwood.