Let’s Get Attic!

Sep 30, 2021

We get much satisfaction out of being Residential contractors that homeowners come back to time and again when new ideas pop into their heads. We’ve worked with these clients before on a basement AND three-season porch. This time they wanted a place that is special for their children all while using every inch of their home.

Raise your hand if you need 350 more square feet of additional FUN space in your home!! These clients had a large walk-in attic and chose to convert that location into a much-needed play zone for their children. If you want to use every inch of your home for your family, call us, and let’s get started.

BEFORE — Because most attics are not climate-controlled, they don’t always make the best space to store things, so why not make them into usable living space?
AFTER — Now, this space is climate controlled and ready for play!
BEFORE — We can hide all that necessary HVAC equipment behind closed doors.
AFTER — Not only is the HVAC hidden behind these full height doors, it is easily accessible.
AFTER — The Mini-Split heating/air conditioner mounted on the wall along with additional insulation will keep this attic at the perfect year-round temperature.
AFTER — We placed small access doors throughout the space so that parts of the old attic can still be used for storage.
AFTER — Nicely carpeted stairs lead from the main part of the home making a nice transition to the new attic.