It’s what’s on the Outside that Counts!

Oct 28, 2022

Sometimes we think of the inside of our homes first, i.e., new kitchens, updated bathrooms, or a finished basement. However, the outside of your house is the side that MOST people see! The mailman drives by every day, kids on the bus see it every morning, and your neighbors, on their way home from work, look at the facade of your abode, so why not make a statement with a facelift? These clients knew their home was blah, just like all the others on the street. They wanted to stand out, to be different by being BOLD and modern. Look at these pictures and consider how you can change the “important” side of your home!

We re-routed the walkway from the driveway up to the new porch. We added the porch where there was none using cedar ceilings, cedar posts, and cedar trim. The shutters are handmade with cedar drawing the look together. The clients carefully chose the upgraded craftsman front door, setting the entry’s tone. The LED recessed lights shine in the evening while providing much-needed security. And, of course, that COLOR … what a bold choice, and we love it!