The Bare Necessities!

Jun 28, 2024

Public bathrooms are the bare necessities when shopping, traveling, running errands, or eating at our favorite restaurants. We all want access to public restrooms that are, at the very least, clean. Modern in style is even better! Recently, we had the opportunity to update the public restrooms in a popular buffet-style restaurant in Winston-Salem. The existing restrooms were old and outdated. They weren’t representative of the clientele that frequented this eating establishment. Plus, they were not compliant with today’s commercial construction codes or the ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements.

The restaurant owners wanted a total redo of the men’s and women’s bathrooms. This was a scheduling challenge in that, by law, you must provide a restroom facility in a place that serves food. So, the owners brought in the FANCY, stand-alone “portable potties,” and had those set up in the parking lot near the entrance. Since this was not the ideal way to offer public restrooms for the customer, the owners were anxious to make this a very temporary arrangement. So, we were given four working days to finish the project for both spaces, from demo to completion! That was a big ask and something we’ve never tackled before. It took a lot of coordination between supply ordering and layering the schedules of all the teams, including the demo team, our expert tile layer, our experienced electrician, and our favorite plumber. It also took several all-nighters!

Below are the final pictures of the projects. For simplicity and aesthetics, both spaces look very similar. We stuck to tile and stainless steel, which are very sanitary and easy to keep clean. We updated all the code compliance. A trough-style sink with simple automatic faucets gives this bathroom an effortless look. Since we are licensed commercial contractors, projects like these are always a welcome challenge! Call if you know of a business in a similar situation—we’ve got the process down to a science.