Inspiration Station!

We like to say, “Your Inspiration is our Specialty.” When we initially meet with clients on a new project, we always ask what their vision is for the space. First, we want to know how they will use the room and how it can best fit their needs. Then we move on to the yummy questions; what will soothe their soul when they walk into the space every day? How will this space energize them? And finally, what inspired the changes they want to make? The answers to these questions guide us while we are in the project’s design phase.

A hotel bathroom inspired these clients in New Orleans. They loved the tile in that Big Easy luxurious shower, so they brought us those ideas, and we designed a bathroom that would feel like a vacation every day! Using the existing floor plan, we removed the old tile, tub, and vanity and replaced them with all new … well, everything: tile, rain shower head, vanity with the double tower cabinet, quartz countertops, and LED lighting. We replaced an old jetted tub with a new soaker tub and painted the room with Sherwin Williams Silver Strand. What I N S P I R E S you?

Aging in Place!

“Aging in Place” … what does that mean? Well, technically, it means “the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.” (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). But what does it mean to YOU and your relationship with your home? Can you age along with your house … can you be mobile in your home? Are your doors and showers wide enough to roll a walker or wheelchair? We have clients who love their current homes and want to stay in them forever, so they come to us to help them navigate their needs. We have extensive experience in ADA (American Disability Act) code and compliance. We know what it takes to modify existing spaces so that aging in place is not only functional and safe but also beautiful!

We are thrilled when we collaborate with clients who give thought to every single design element. These clients wanted to take their outdated bathroom and bring it into this decade and beyond. (See the before photos!) They considered aging-in-place elements and ADA requirements so that this is a one-and-done remodel. Take in ALL the details in the images, from the spa-like color on the walls, the custom-built cabinets, and the zero-entry shower design.

AFTER –This beautiful teak bench can be brought into the shower if needed. Another aging-in-place feature!

AFTER — This is a custom-built and custom-painted vanity.
AFTER — The window brings in natural light to the zero entry shower. The handheld shower is another aging-in-place feature. Thinking ahead on these types of fixtures ensures that this is a one-and-done remodel.
AFTER — That beautiful pebbled rock “tile” adds to the natural spa-like feel of the space!
AFTER — This zero-entry shower is a must-have when planning for aging in place. Walkers and wheelchairs can roll right in.

A Heavenly Space!

We’ve talked in the past about the fact that we are not only experienced Residential Contractors but that we have over 20+ years in Commercial Construction. Now, let’s be clear, we do not build banks, hotels, strip malls, etc.; we leave that to the “big” guys. But we are very adept in building for the small business owner, municipalities, boutiques, coffee shops, or professional offices. One of the largest categories in our commercial division is working with churches. Many church planning committees and pastors come to us when they need updates and upgrades to their public or worship spaces. We are proud to serve our ecumenical clients!

It was time to spoil the ladies at this CHURCH by updating the Ladies Room. What an update this was! We look at a Church as a second “home,” so why not add those touches that make it feel like home while adding those necessary ADA-compliant upgrades vital to public spaces. Choose a contractor that knows ADA laws inside and out!

Check out the BEFORE and AFTER floorplans and photos! Study the EXISTING Floor Plan and then the other AFTER plans. We gave these clients several options from which to choose. Our design/build model saves clients time and money. With a design/build model, there is no need to employ an outside service to envision the space, provide ideas, and produce drawings. We do it all!

BEFORE–These lackluster plywood stalls provide little privacy and certainly aren’t special.
BEFORE–The old double vanity had seen better days. We were able to take the existing footprint and reconfigure the space to work for this Church.
BEFORE–This is the old shower was not ADA compliant. One of the goals of this client was to bring this space up to ADA code to better aid ALL congregants.
AFTER — These CUSTOM-made stall doors help make this feel more like a HOME.
AFTER — Check out the reflection of those beautiful custom-crafted stall doors!
AFTER — The addition of the full-length mirrors will help the ladies check out their outfits right before walking out.
AFTER — This is ONE of TWO vanities in the room. The Church chose these arched mirrors and bright LED lights…again, all CUSTOM touches!
AFTER — The gracious floor space allows for possible wheelchairs and for several patrons to be in the same space without feeling cramped.
AFTER — This ADA compliant ROLL UP Vanity and baby changing station round out this ladies’ room.

AFTER — It’s so great that this Church can offer a ROLL IN shower to any patron that would need it. It is complete with ADA grab bars and a handheld shower. A shower seat is tucked in behind the shower curtain.
AFTER — The separate Shower Room has its own private ADA compliant toilet. WE know all the ADA codes. Call us when you need to make upgrades to your PUBLIC spaces!

Masters of their Bathroom!

We’ve been BUSY making dreams come true for our clients in 2022! When these clients brought us their ideas to add a master bath to their home, it was in the Fall of 2021. We knew that this design/build concept would take significant planning, so we were thankful to have our clients’ trust. They knew they wanted a modern, clean-lined esthetic with all the luxury details. And since this was a totally new addition to their primary bedroom, we took great care in the construction phase to keep the disturbances to a minimum. Take a leisurely tour of these photos and “soak” in all the modern, up-scale features: zero-entry DOUBLE shower with no glass doors to clean, black wall tiles that look like rusted metal, stainless steel black metal storage shelves, recessed LED lighting, and a super modern floating vanity with LED mirror lighting.

Screen time!

We are running headlong into #screenporch season! Screen porches add $$$ to the value of your home, especially in the South. They also add to the overall homeowner’s quality of living. With our design/build model, we approach each project as a custom one and are in constant consultation with the client. The following project is a perfect example of how each individual porch reflects the wants and requirements of each owner.

This was a Deck to Screen Porch undertaking in which the homeowners wanted to keep their original decorative railings … and we don’t blame them, they are showstoppers! We used their existing deck flooring as it was in excellent condition saving money for them. We installed a clear pine tongue and groove vaulted ceiling, LED can lights, a metal roof, and used the ScreenEze system. And we always install real storm doors on all our screen porches because they last longer than a typical wood screen door. After looking at these pics, we’re sure you’ll agree that these folks now have an outdoor space for family entertaining nearly year-round! Give us a call if you have a dream outdoor space you’d like us to start!

BEFORE The owners wanted to preserve those gorgeous railings.
BEFORE The deck floor was in good condition so that saved the clients $$$.

The deck railings were carefully removed as the roof framing was completed.
Here the railing panels were re-installed as progress on the screen room is completed
The vaulted roof will allow for clear sightlines to that beautiful, private backyard.
We use the ScreenEZE system on all our screen porches.
The finished “living room.”
Check out these clear pine tongue and groove ceilings!
The “dining room” with the privacy of the tree tops.
This full view storm door with that screen transom window…wow! It’s all in the DETAILS … that’s custom!

Let’s Get Attic!

We get much satisfaction out of being Residential contractors that homeowners come back to time and again when new ideas pop into their heads. We’ve worked with these clients before on a basement AND three-season porch. This time they wanted a place that is special for their children all while using every inch of their home.

Raise your hand if you need 350 more square feet of additional FUN space in your home!! These clients had a large walk-in attic and chose to convert that location into a much-needed play zone for their children. If you want to use every inch of your home for your family, call us, and let’s get started.

BEFORE — Because most attics are not climate-controlled, they don’t always make the best space to store things, so why not make them into usable living space?
AFTER — Now, this space is climate controlled and ready for play!
BEFORE — We can hide all that necessary HVAC equipment behind closed doors.
AFTER — Not only is the HVAC hidden behind these full height doors, it is easily accessible.
AFTER — The Mini-Split heating/air conditioner mounted on the wall along with additional insulation will keep this attic at the perfect year-round temperature.
AFTER — We placed small access doors throughout the space so that parts of the old attic can still be used for storage.
AFTER — Nicely carpeted stairs lead from the main part of the home making a nice transition to the new attic.

All Steamed Up!

Being in the business of making dreams come true is not a bad gig! Clients come to us with their hearts in their hands and drawings scribbled on a scrap of paper and say, “We always wanted this; can you do this”? With all of our years of varied construction experience, we have never said “no”. That is something we have NEVER taken for granted. We are very grateful for people that have trusted us with their dreams!

These clients came to us and wanted to add to their outdoor pool experience by bringing that luxury indoors to their unfinished basement. They wanted to open up their basement space to their outdoor pool. So we selected water-friendly floors and built them a custom steam shower, Who doesn’t love going from the outdoors on a Fall evening straight into hot steam?! We also designed a kitchenette with extra storage cabinets that will take this family from ordinary entertaining to an extraordinary experience for family and friends alike! When you want to hand your dreams to a general contractor be sure they can carry them with confidence!

BEFORE — We hide all the ductwork, so you have a streamlined look.
AFTER — This CUSTOM-DESIGNED Steam shower will be soothing and warm after climbing out of the pool on a cool day or evening.
No need to wonder where you are going to stash all your stuff in this small, but mighty kitchenette!
BEFORE — We also hide any plumbing in the walls in addition to hiding the ductwork.
Quartz countertops, custom cabinetry, and bright white lighting make this bathroom the perfect guest space!
A simple counterline with a sink and dishwasher is all you need to entertain!
BEFORE — The steam shower is taking shape.
AFTER — You don’t need a lot of space to define function.
Just add a large sectional sofa and you’ll be the most popular house on the block during sports season. LVP, luxury vinyl plank, is the most indestructible, water-proof flooring on the market.
These clients were able to add a mini gym to the basement. That LVP looks just like hardwood.

Sun Salutations!

Often, we have clients approach us with requests/dreams that may seem insignificant to others but are tantamount to them. In this particular case, our clients had owned their mini-farm for years, and every time they went to a well-used upstairs room, they just knew that if only windows were looking eastward over their pastures, that room would be a zen, light-filled space. They asked us to open up that roofline and add windows so that they could enjoy that sweeping sunrise view over their land.

This past October, these clients trusted us to cut a hole in their roof and add a dormer to that upstairs room where they now have an unobstructed eastward view of their property. When cutting a hole in an existing roof, experience trumps. There is a lot of trust between a homeowner and contractor when you approach a project like this. It takes knowledge and precision and just the right team! We also updated a small kitchenette in this space as part of this project’s scope. Follow along with our progression pics!

Kickin’ Kitchen!

Talk about a great transformation! These clients wanted to open their kitchen to their living area by removing a supporting wall. Although removing a critical wall can be tricky, our clients know they can count on our extensive construction experience to complete the project without compromising the structure. Those great sightlines and all that light boosts the architectural details of a dated home and brings it into 2021! We also ventured into the family room and added even more architectural KICK by creating built-in shelves and cabinets on either side of the fireplace.

Our clients wanted not only wanted to add much-needed storage place in their family room, but they wanted to punch up the architectural appeal of the rather ordinary space. We designed these built-ins on either side of the existing fireplace with open shelves above and closed cabinets below. This gives this busy family a place to attractively display family photos, mementos, and favorite books on the shelves, in addition to providing them space to stash all those toys, board games, and nick-knacks in the cabinets below.

This was a complete gut of the original kitchen. The wall that was removed hid a lot of electrical necessities for this home. We use only experienced, licensed electricians who were able to reroute all the wiring. Our hardwood flooring specialist was able to weave in new flooring before refinishing both spaces, and like magic, the two rooms were seamlessly knitted together. It’s experts like these that are crucial to a project like this! Take in all the photo details of the NEW ISLAND, new cabinets, countertops, backsplash, hardware, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and new appliances. We’re sure you’ll agree that this project is KICKED to the top of the list of value-added home renovations.

BEFORE This is the supporting wall that was removed.
BEFORE This is the view of the kitchen side of the supporting wall that was removed.
AFTER The space is bright and the sightlines are endless!
AFTER All the new appliances are stainless steel giving the room a clean, cohesive look, as do those bright white brand new cabinets!
AFTER The all NEW island not only adds meal prep space, but additional family seating.
AFTER Take in the details of all new lighting, refinished flooring, quartz countertops, tile backsplash, cabinets, cabinet hardware, and plumbing fixtures.

Bring In the Sun ☀️

We have posted before about our long-running Residential construction business and separately about our successful Commercial Construction division. Well, in this latest sunroom project, we were able to COMBINE both sides of our design brains to wow our clients! They trusted us to design and build them a sunroom that pushed all their modern design taste buttons and to give them a sunroom that could truly withstand a hurricane if need be…they were blown away!

Our clients were tired of their traditional, worn-out wood deck that is found on most suburban homes. So, we tore off that deck and replaced it with a sunroom that uses commercial grade “storefront” glass that is hurricane rated. We also designed the space with a more contemporary flat roof which fits our clients’ modern architectural esthetics. We opened the sunroom to the rest of the house, with 2 entrances on either side of the fireplace, creating a seamless flow between the spaces. The one-sided fireplace became a two-sided fireplace which enhances the sunroom’s coziness, as does the beautifully finished light oak floors. The room is heated and cooled via a mini-split HVAC unit above the door.

The outdoor areas were finished in composite decking products and vinyl rails, making the whole structure maintenance-free. When you have an unusual idea for your home, we can help show you products and processes to not only meet your remodeling needs but exceed them! Please take time to study the photos below: